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Profile: Coalesce Etc.

Profile: Coalesce Etc.

Posted November 14, 2015

Once a month the Coalesce Etc. collective takes control of Truth’s upstairs floor and shares a panoramic view of their vast world of darker, deeper house and techno – without the pretense. The mind behind the movement is Ockert Olivier – AKA Unheard Of who describes himself as “an admirer of the more serious side of music with a not so serious approach.” 

An electronic music fanatic who devoted many hours to the dancefloor before gradually moving behind the controls, Unheard Of made his DJ debut in 2013 and has since brought his sound to Toy-Toy, Tswaing Crater Gathering, Elektrik Piknik, Dayze, WE: Unity, Togetherness, Truth, In-House Sessions, Lunar Circus and Teknotribe’s NYE Festival.

In May 2013 he established Coalesce Etc. - a concept that comprises of regular podcasts and a collective of residents who feature at festivals and at Truth for a monthly showcase.

Being a DJ is one thing, but pouring time and energy into creating a platform for left-of-centre music is what really drives the scene forward. We take a peek behind the Coalesce Etc. curtain ahead of their November showcase.. 


“It really started as a passion project" he explains, "initially the goal was to simply share music and events which I love with everybody I know. That lasted for maybe a month! (laughs) I then moved to a podcast series, and here we are.”

Now 32 episodes deep, the podcast series has featured artists from Russia, the US, the UK, France - not to mention some of South Africa's most innovative producers and DJs. While the artists and styles vary greatly on each of the Coalesce Etc. podcasts, there's something that ties it all together -
 an ideology that keeps the concept concrete.

“Simply put, we combine elements." he explains, "Musically we have no restrictions, if it is good, it gets pushed. I believe our podcast and series of exclusive mixes show exactly that.”

The last few months have seen the momentum build - with exclusive mixes being released through the portal and new residents join the collective. “I’ve really enjoyed watching the project grow over the last year" says Olivier, "but the highlights for me are all based around getting great local artists involved: Speckled Egg, Leeu, Hydro, myself and Cid Surco. I’m proud to call them residents.”

Coalesce Etc. Residents [clockwise from top left]: Speckled Egg, Hydro, Leeu & Cid Surco.


 Essential Listening: Coalesce Etc. Residents


Coalesce Etc. presents #‎CombiningElements‬ The Residents Edition 14 November 2015 Upstairs at Truth.



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