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Music Industry Maverick: Lady Lea

Music Industry Maverick: Lady Lea

Posted July 22, 2016

DJ, producer, record store and label owner - there's little that Lady Lea hasn't acheived during her many years in the music industry. Since the very early days of the SA clubbing scene she's fearlessly taken on many roles and thrived.

We caught up with the "Queen of Clubs" to chat about her thoughts on the state of the scene, what Flipside was and what it is now and what you can expect from her set on the terrace this Saturday..

Very few people in the industry have taken on as many roles as you have – and succeeded! What would you say the biggest milestones have been so far?

Thank you!! The biggest milestone for me was becoming a mother and still perusing my career as a DJ and staying active in the music industry as a whole.

Let’s rewind a bit to the original Flipside Record store in Pretoria.. Tell us about the scene back then and what your original vision was..

Back then it was all about going out the the record stores, seeing the DJs behind the counter, collecting printed flyers, proper huge warehouse Raves, after parties and collecting the best records you could fine. Carrying vinyl and playing on turntables to crowds who went ballistic for the music was how we lived.

Did you have a musical upbringing? How did your journey into DJ culture begin?

I always loved music, as did my Mom and Dad, and I did piano lessons and choir for most of my primary school years. But when I started going out the pubs, clubs and any type of music gathering, the energy of the music and people gripped me and all I wanted to do was play music for people having a good time.


Tell us a little bit about Flipside Management..

Flipside Management started in April 2016 when I signed artists that I felt were doing well and had a big future in this industry. Having dealt with every possible situation as a DJ, good and bad, I felt that I was in a position to use my experience to help other young DJ/producers to achieve their ultimate goals in the industry. I am also very passionate about protecting the dance music scene and djs from all of the dodgy characters who try to take advantage of the DJs when they really deserve more.

What are the most important things you have learned about the industry?

You have to be very persistent, passionate, ruthless and thick skinned. The scene changes and your popularity as a dj might change as time goes by. You need to stay current, keep reinventing yourself and do more in the industry than just DJ. There are a lot of young “promoters” these days who think they know what it takes to throw successful events, but they quickly find out that its not that easy and when you loose, you loose a lot! But if you know what you are doing, and you have the right DJs on your side, you can become very successful. Always be humble!

What does the scene look like through your eyes? What is working and what needs to change?

Currently I think its looking good in some areas, and possibly not so good in other areas. The South African scene has its own unique sound and the producers are really stepping up, which is amazing to see. Also I have noticed that the drug scene is not as big as it used to be which is great as well. Some negative points are that there are too many DJs who cant mix and only sync the top 40 tracks, and too many kids trying to throw parties and wasting their parents hard earned cash.

You’ll be playing on the terrace this weekend.. Please give us a peek into you’re your record box and share a tune that you’ll be dropping?

Truth is always one of the places that I prepare for the most. I make sure my music is current, hot, deep and phat! One of my favourite dancefloors of all time! This week I will be playing many fresh tracks, one in particular being from Gabe, who will be performin at Vimo’s huge birthday party on the 1st October at Truth!


Catch Lea on the terrace tomorrow night, 23 July 2016!


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