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I am.. BEN RAU

I am.. BEN RAU

Posted January 29, 2016

With an unerring passion for his craft and so much support, Ben Rau has a strong foundation in house and techno which become evident every time he plays. Infectious rhythmic grooves and emotive melodies mix together to form a rich, deep and hypnotic formula that speaks to your very soul.. We get deep with BEN RAU.

I ama curator and creator of electronic music.

Electronic music is… the heartbeat of my life , I have been a raver since being a teenager it is the way I express myself.

My record of the summer.. is a little track called “You want” I made with my friend Rowlanz , which is due to drop on Infuse very soon, we made it during a sweltering heatwave in Berlin , and it’s been doing damage on floors ever since.

My party of the year.. Is my residency Fuse, 7 years in and we are going from strength to strength, I’m especially looking forward to what Ibiza has in store for us this year.


Critics say… a lot of things but I don’t particularly care what they say.

The biggest party I’ve played was… I don’t even know which was the biggest one, the biggest are certainly not always the best.

While DJing I’ve seen.. a lot of things I love watching the crowd and seeing people having real and intimate moments on the floor couples kissing a boy or a girl dancing with their eyes closed lost in a moment, the whole place erupting as one DJing can be very moving with the right music and a receptive crowd.

My favourite time to perform is.. peak time , I know it’s the humble answer to say warm up but I gotta be honest , I love taking over a full perfectly warmed up floor and take them on a journey, peak time doesn’t mean bangers from start till finish, therecan be all sorts of moments it just means, you can do your thing to a crowd that’s ready to rave...

An old tune that I pulled out of the bag that went down a storm.. I pull out lot’s of all tunes Mr G’s and G. Flame ‘Oohhh’ has been doing damage lately.


The biggest challenge facing the music industry.. Is how to get people to pay for their music and pay artists, everyone seems to be getting paid apart from the people that create the music, we must create a completely new model of distribution and music monetization, Imogen Heap is spearheading this effort with her Mycelia initiative.

My sound.. Is raw, dubby house and techno there is a lot of music out there that uses the name deep house that has more in common with trance than it has with house kids need to educate themselves as to what house is and not turn it into a dirty word.

The music industry is.. tough place with many challenges but I wouldn’t want to do any other job. Electronic music still has a wonderful DIY ethos and a lot of stuff that applies to the mainstream is different for us, but overall we all face the same challenges how can we do this for a living and prosper not just get by...

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt so far.. Is to be patient, keep doing the work and good things will happen, but don’t wait for that one big thing that makes a career it’s many small steps that take you to the summit...

 Playing the upstairs at Truth in Johannesburg.. Is a real honor and I brought a lot of special unreleased music for you, I have been told upstairs is where the real music heads congregate so I’m looking exited to play see you guys on the dancefloor on Saturday night!



Catch Ben Rau UPSTAIRS this Saturday 30 January 2016 alongside Ricardo Pinto, Sahin Meyer, Metro Ticket & Weston + Engine.



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