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Posted May 4, 2018
ShelO is a producer/DJ born and raised in the heart of JHB, his style of music could be considered as Deep Tech / Minimal,
Started DJing in the year 2010 and writing music in 2011 where he studied at the Soul Candi Music Institute 
The JHB scene is progressing each day, so many young talented and hungry musicians getting involved and making a breakthrough which is great for our music industry 
Electronic Music is very broad, and each to their own when it comes to their opinion on it and genres etc... The clubbing environment in South Africa, on the other hand, has educated many people including myself about the culture and progression of Electronic Music and there is always room for more growth in this industry 
In terms of artists to look out for, I’m always going to vouch for artists taking that one step extra and I mean production, there are already a lot of established local producers such as W&E, Rob Toca, Leeu, Avi Subban, Kyle Watson... The list goes on.... but I would say the artists to check for are the guys who haven’t got the biggest amount of hype for their productions “Locally” which they deserve and are holding onto gems that people haven’t heard yet for example 
Deep Souls 
I never open with the same track, I find the majority of the best music I come across are opening tracks and it’s always nice to try something new at the beginning of every set 
I will, however, mention a few producers whose tracks I generally open with and those artists are : 
Easy Changes
Birds Making Machine 
Laurine Frost
Alex Van Ratingen 
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