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Posted September 14, 2018

DJ Soosh is a party rocking turntablist open format DJ

I started DJ'ing in 1997

Outside of DJ'ing, I do - not much else but I am studying Archetypal psychology and practice making beats when I can.

My journey in the SA Dance Music Industry has been one of evolution and survival alike. I chose to DJ full time in 2007 and through the various projects and gigs I have been invovled with (for love and money) I have been forced to grow into an artist with a versatility that surpassed even my own expectations.

I'd like to see club nights move towards introducing more diversity in music and breaking new records and sounds to people as opposed to playing music that is familiar and safe.

Electronic Music in 2030 looks like it can probably be composed, recorded, mixed, mastered and distributed online on a device smaller than your phone activated by your thoughts :)

Artists to look out for Skinniez, Beat Sampras Selema Writes, DJ Darkness

Plans for the final stretch of 2018 is to prepare for the South African leg of the Red Bull 3style battle happening in Durban on the 1st of November.

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