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#FOCUSON: Das Kapital

#FOCUSON: Das Kapital

Posted September 5, 2018
Das Kapital is… 
I am a constantly expanding set of musical reference points; a futuristic and wide-reaching journey through club music, with a heavy focus on low-end and percussion.
My music is an exercise in expressing myself, and all the facets that I'm made up of. Equal parts seriousness and reckless abandon.

I started producing music… 
I started in one way or another over 15 years ago, as a hobby. It gradually became the one thing I wanted to dedicate my life to. 8 years ago, I took the leap to become professional, and the rest is history.
Every day I...
I wake up, take a walk to my local coffee shop, center myself, and head into the studio and get cracking with the mountain of official remixes, international collaborations and EPs I have on my plate.
My journey in the SA Dance Music industry has...
It's been interesting, to say the least. I became infamous a little too young for my own good, but took that in my stride while developing my sound, my relationships with my contemporaries, and my reputation for excellence. It's always interesting here, and I wouldn't want to be based anywhere else in the world right now.
I’d like to see the Electronic Dance Music Scene move towards...
Ideally, a real culture of supporting dance music in South Africa. We are getting closer to having a genuine "nightlife culture" here, but more needs to be done to see local artists treated with the reverence and excitement they deserve, especially by consumers. Globally, I'm happy with where dance music is moving. The global scene is pushing exciting things right now, when you look past the obvious mainroom stereotypes, and I am overjoyed to see my contemporaries and I gain increasing traction in the bustling dance music world at large.
Electronic music in 2030 looks like… 
I have no way of really guessing more than 2 years in advance at the moment, but essentially I'd assume it'd still be what all good music has ever been - an auditory escape from the mundane. Sound-wise, I trust that there will always be tastemakers pushing the envelope, taking electronic music to new heights, while absorbing and re-tooling the incredible heritage that laid the groundwork for where we are today.
I'm sure there'll still be a couple bangers doing the rounds in 2030 as well ;)
Tell us a bit about Do Work Records...
I launched Do Work some 5 years ago as a vehicle to release my own music, at a time where my reputation overseas was not as cemented. Since then, I've used it as a platform to promote and develop younger South African talent, while getting their music out both locally and globally.
As with all things, it's an idea that is constantly growing and changing, but we are most certainly not stopping any time soon. The next move may well be the creation of a way to see more international artists and South Africans joining forces, but you didn't hear that from me...
Artists to look out for…
I'll focus on some young locals making waves for me right now, otherwise we could be here all day.
If you like the JHB Tech / Bass House sound, keep an eye out for Sam Mkhize and Advent, both from the Eastern Cape. Masters of their craft.
If you're into Gqom / Sgubhu - Da Fresh & Athie are well on their way to cementing their names as the new vanguards of the sound, bringing unbridled technical know-how and musicality to a distinctly raw sound we are only just now beginning to come to grips with in the wider SA consciousness.
For Deeper stuff, I'd be remiss to not point out how Ambious Records is killing it. That goes for their whole roster - MKLY, Sides, Avi Subban, Cadenza (ZA) and of course the don Chris Jack.
Plans for the final stretch of 2018 are...
The goal is to balance studio, touring and my personal life. I've got a lot on my plate, and a lot of huge opportunities I've worked my arse off to get, so wish me luck.
Oh, and I do need to say, I have never been prouder of all the music I've got on the way as we head closer to 2019, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open for the best work I've ever done, coming at you thick and fast.

Check out his latest release:

Alex Session - MOVE ft. Graziella (Das Kapital Remix) [Punks Music - UK]

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