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#FOCUSON: Billy Kenny

#FOCUSON: Billy Kenny

Posted October 5, 2018

1. Electronic Dance music - what does it mean to you?
Love, happiness, community and freedom!

2. Earliest musical memory?
Gosh! One that sticks in my head is Prince's "Get Off” for sure.

3. When were you first exposed to the inner workings of making music?
Very early actually. My uncle is a writer, producer and singer who’s had numerous studios. I’ve been playing around with bits of his production equipment since i was about 10 years old.

4. Other than the Billy Kenny sound - is there a specific sound or style of music that we can expect for 2019?
Let’s just say you can look forward to hearing a much more mature version of the Billy Kenny you know now. I’m going to be using my voice a lot more from now on too.

5. Where is the most bizarre place / city / country / room - that you've made music in?
Nowhere really bizarre unfortunately, but does a flight count? I made half of my track “Ron Dat” on a flight.

6. The international music scene is pretty cut-throat. Do you consider 'competition' important in order to grow? Or do you purely focus on yourself? I think a balance of both is healthy. You’ve certainly got to try to cross lines that haven’t been crossed, but in my experience, if you focus purely on what you’re doing, you’ll most likely do that anyway.

7. Your career and current tour is taking you all over the world. Which country do you dream of visiting purely thanks to your music? a few months ago i’d have said Japan as i’d wanted to go there since i was a child. I’m fascinated with it’s culture, history and more. I had the pleasure of ticking that off the bucket list in May. In answer to your question, i really want to see more of Asia. China, India, Indonesia and Singapore sound like a great start!

8. Give us a little bit of insight as to what we can expect for your first time in Room Four at Truth?
A journey. For the first time i’m able to play in a more intimate room with an extended 3hr set. Usually i have to bang straight in with energy but i’m going to set my own pace and play lots of new records both from myself and others that haven’t been heard yet.

9. Yes, it's time for the mandatory: "What are your plans and goals for 2019?" question. Give us a headline.
That’s so far away, i can’t spoil it by saying now! I’ll certainly have lots of new music to show and inevitably be back in lovely South Africa, that’s for sure.

Thanks for having me! x

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