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5 Minutes with: VIMO

5 Minutes with: VIMO

Posted October 10, 2017
As busy as he is, we managed to tie Vimo down for 5 minutes ahead of his 6 hour set this Saturday at Truth as he celebrates 20 Years of being the music industry! We're excited to get just a glimpse of what can be expected when trying to condense 20 years worth of music into just 6 hours... Here are a few words from the man himself...

1. 20 Years of DJing is quite a milestone. Can you name some of your highlights?
Some of highlights is definitely playing to 15,000+ people in Vietnam, The Corona Sunset Festival in Cape Town, Closing of Deep Revival Floor at H20 & playing at Natural Groove for 7 hours on the rooftop. And ofcourse opening Sugar.
2. What are some of your favourite Truth moments?
Taking over after Edu Embernon on the Terrace.
Opening for Justin Martin in Room 4.
My very 1st Vimo & Friends.
3. What can we expect from the 20 year celebration at Truth on Sat 14 October?
Music wise you can expect a journey through my career which was very dificult to do as it's so much music but I think I have it all down going as far back as the year 2000. Production wise I really wanted to make the Terrace look different and that's the plan. We also beefing up the sound system adding some cool effects and visuals so the jollers are definitely in for something special.
4. Pimp Squad are also playing an extended 3 hour set to open the night - Why have you chosen them for this occasion? 
The Pimps (Jon & Guy) are probably one of my oldest DJ friends and when it comes to opening sets they are by far my favourite so I have chosen them to play a long set too, the old school way, allowing them to open the floor for 3 hours.
5. Who are / have been your biggest influences over the past 20 years 
Carl Cox, Kyle Watson, Gabe, Justin Martin.
7. What has been your most embarrassing moment throughout your 20 years of DJing?
There have been so many lol, but 1 sticks out is playing a festival on stage and I was jumping around so much, stepped too far back and fell off the stage. Ended up snapping my headphones that were around my neck. 
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