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5 Minutes with: KINETIKA

5 Minutes with: KINETIKA

Posted November 2, 2017

1. Who are you?
"Kinetik Music Movement" is a Psy Trance label with both producers and Dj's signed to the label, as well as a Weekly online Radio show every Thursday night on playing mostly psytrance and various guest DJ mixes.

2. Tell us about your brand?
Our Brand Is called Kinetik Music Movement, It is a brand focusing mainly on the progressive Psy Trance genre, We have 4 resident DJ's on our label, Kinetika, Seventh Sense, Sweetiz & Craig P, we also host various Guest DJ's such as Hippie Mafia, Manifesto, Kaoss Kontrol, MrSub, Bionic, Psymintek, Headroom (CPT) and thanks to Truth Night have brought out International DJ's like Blastoyz, Perfect Stranger, Ghostrider & Dang3r.

3. Tell us about the psy scene & sound at the moment?

We have been Playing the Psy Sound for almost 5 Years now at Truth and it has progressed in to a very good night for us at Truth with it growing in popularity every month, the psy scene has mostly been outdoor Festivals, but for Kinetik we felt that being at Truth and doing a smaller indoor scene we could slowly  educate what we call the nubreed younger crowds and expose them to the Psy sound, in the beginning we weren't too sure if it would take with the truth crowds but within our first few months at Truth it was one of the most popular nights, we've had a lot of people asking us "what is this sound you playing" which was great, knowing that many of the patrons had not yet heard of psytrance and are now hooked on the sound and loving the psy floor.

4. Tell us about your night at Truth?
We host a Kinetik Music Movement night about every 6 weeks in the Basement floor. The night Starts from 10 pm and normally goes on until about 5 pm. The music style Starts off with a very techy psy sound from early around about 134bpm and slowly progresses to around 138-140bpm by close of the night. We put up Psychedelic decor and Stretches and do a lot of Forest and plant type decor to make it feel more organic on our floor so it emulates the outdoor scene. 

5. Whats coming up for the rest of the year?
Coming up now in November we have our other Psy label night run by MrSub called "Kaleidoscope" who will be there on  Sat 11th Nov - featuring MrSub, Kaoss Kontrol, Seventh and a Special Surprise guest DJ, then it's the massive Truth Birthday Party and we will be hosting international "DJ Dang3r" from Brazil, With MrSub, Daniel Portal (Berlin Germany) Hippie Mafia, Kinetika and Seventh Sense, and finally you can catch the Kinetik Music Movement Team on NYE playing the closing set in the Basement at Truth.

Kinetik Music Movements latest Album Releases out now on beatport By "Kinetika" on Mansion Records. 


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