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5 Minutes with: ELEMENTAL

5 Minutes with: ELEMENTAL

Posted October 31, 2017

1. Who are you?
Hardstyle Movement South Africa is a professional platform for individuals who share a common love and passion for Hardstyle music.

2. Tell us about your brand?

We formed in 2011 when we noticed that a gap in the local music industry was not being fulfilled. We noticed the scene was exploding internationally and thought to take the next step in doing our part to bring some of that magic to local soil. The acronym HMSA was formed and serves one main objective - to unite our common passion for Hardstyle under one banner. Our aim is to offer a fresh, energetic and alternative form of dance music for our ever-growing local dance industry.

In 2013, we introduced our own monthly Hardstyle event at South Africa's number 1 superclub, Truth. In 2015 we also created HMSA records, which offers a musical platform for local artists to share local Hardstyle music using professional portals to get their music heard.

3. Tell us about the hardstyle scene & sound at the moment?

Internationally the sound has completely taken off and has reached every corner of the Earth. Across the world, gatherings of up to 65 000 people per an event are happening on a weekly basis.

Massive dance icons such as Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and Tiesto have been supporting, playing and most recently been producing the style. That on its own can paint a picture of how massive the scene is.

Locally we have had the pleasure of watching Hardstyle music and lifestyle accelerate in South Africa. JHB, Cape Town and KZN have regular parties who have had tremendous response including a couple of International artists touring the country.

It feels now as if we have really grown together as a family, we have met so many people who are now just a massive collection of friends who have been united through our beloved music.

The sound incorporates many extremes from euphoric with beautiful melodies and vocals to a much harder and raw sound. The most recent trend has also incorporated Psy into the mix and a sub-genre Psystle has been making waves as of late.

4. Tell us about your night at Truth?

Univision is a monthly event we host at Truth, the name is a play on words utilizing Unite and Vision, which is a value we hold close to the HMSA group.

Each and every event offers a fresh rotation of some of South Africa's most talented and passionate DJs and artists, who not only hold the right skills, but also the right attitude to offer a unique club experience.

We explore the entire spectrum of Hard Dance and have a fine understanding of how to leave our fellow family with enlightened emotions and a special sense of fulfilment.

5. Whats coming up for the rest of the year?

This weekend we be will be hosting our second last event of the year. An amazing line up including the likes of Marius Martise, Daniel Licht, myself and Auricle who will be taking our fellow music lovers on an incredible Hardstyle journey.

Our last event in December will also be our 6th year birthday where we are hosting a versus night paying homage to this huge milestone celebration.

On the music side, I am currently working on a massive Hardstyle collaboration with SA's new wonder boys - NEW HERO. ♥


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