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5 Minutes with: DIRKIE COETZEE

5 Minutes with: DIRKIE COETZEE

Posted October 24, 2017

1. Who is Dirkie Coetzee
I am a South African based International Trance DJ and producer signed to Black Hole Recordings and Armada Music to name a few and I proudly own a record label called We Are Trance. 

2. Tell us about your brand, We Are Trance?
We Are Trance was founded in 2014 initially as an event brand and grew into a record label under the mighty Bonzai Music group who’ve been around for 25 years. The label focuses on releasing the best in Trance from artists around the world and since 2014 have also hosted international club nights in Ibiza & Malta. Locally the We Are Trance brand were the Trance floor hosts on H2O Festival for 2 years and recently we joined forces with SA’s number one EDM club, Truth, to bring you our monthly We Are Trance club night.
3. Tell us about the current Trance scene within this world of multiple genres?
I’ve been involved in the Trance scene since the late 90s and I’ve seen all the ups and downs but the genre never “died” as some believe. There’s millions of people around the world who live, eat and breath trance and for that reason it will continue to thrive even if it’s more underground where it started many years ago. As a dedicated Trance fan am I excited about the future of the genre not only globally, but locally I can see it’s very deeply rooted in many hearts and minds hence the We Are Trance movement achieving undeniable success.
4. Tell us about your night, We Are Trance?
We are so excited and deeply honored to have the opportunity to bring Trance “back” to the best club in SA and with Truth believing in us the monthly club night have grown from strength to strength and people are traveling from all over SA to be part of the We Are Trance movement. We try to focus on providing opportunity for old and new DJs to bring their passion to the club and share it with a very passionate #TranceFamily who soldiers loyally to support their genre and breath life into our vision. Keep your eyes on this night as we have big things planned for the future!
5. What’s coming up for you?
This Saturday we host Dutch Trance star Radion6 for the infamous Halloween Ball at Truth alongside some of the best #WeAreTrance DJs and in November we will host our season closing event which is sure to be another big night for Trance. I don’t want to let slip to much but, we are inundated with international artists requesting to come over and be part of the night so keep your eyes peeled as we will showcase the best of the best in Trance come 2018! 
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